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Thread: How do I overclock my Asus geforce4 ti4200?

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    I tried using the asus tweak utility program but i dont think that does the max that it can handle.
    what is the max my card can handle and how do i do it thanks.

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    The maximum that your card can handle will be dependent on your card. All cards are different, so it is hard to say what yours might do. An example of this is the X-Micro Ti4200 card I have. It does perfect at 310/610 with no graphical artifacts and will still run reliably at higher speeds, but with glitches in quality. I also have a reference Ti4200 from nVidia that won't perform to anywhere near these levels. That is because the nVidia board is designed to show what the GPU can really do while the X-Micro folks added some faster memory to the picture.

    As to the HOW part, I generally use a utilty called nVHardpage which is available from Guru3d. This will allow you to insert the CoolBits registry hack for overclocking and also turn on and off certain features of the GPU that don't have ready switches anywhere else. Some of these features include Fast Writes and Side Band Addressing.
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