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Thread: Help with my crappy system please :)

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    Hello. Can anyone please tell me what programs can help me tweak and overclock my computer? My rig is

    733mhz intel p3
    Windows 98 se
    128 mb rd ram
    geforce 256

    if you want i can send the dxdiag.



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    Ok then this guide,, though a little dated should be still fairly good in your case for overclocking. :)

    A clean install of SE will help heaps but as soon as it is loaded up do what's described in this link,, before adding any other drivers. Then if ya motherboard is VIA based then load the 4in1 (Hyperion) drivers (guide here,;threadid=5234) follow by video card drivers and then any others needed. Intel based boards will not require special drivers though ALi and SiS will so check on these. There are some other os tweaks and most (if not all) can be found at to suit your needs. Also if possible get another stick of 128MB memory of similar specs as the one that ya already have as this will help speed things up a bit more. ;)

    Here's a few video card tweakin' guides that will help in this department,

    Best to read all of this first before startin' so ya can streamline the whole installation and tweakin' process to suit your desired setup. One thing that I do do with Win9x oses though is have at least 2 partitions to the hard drive and copy the Win98 folder from the Windows CD to the 2nd partition then with the startup disk start without CDROM support (faster load this way) and go to that folder and run the setup.exe from there. This will be much quicker installin' plus when drivers are required from the setup source then Windows will get them from the Win98 folder and not ask ya to insert the CD. :devil win

    Good luck with it. :thumb:

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