Hello everyone,

I own a GTX 1080ti HOF Lab Edition, with which I want to use a second PSU to support the graphics card since my HIPER 680W MKII turns off when I overvolt both my cpu (8700K) and this card. Overvolting just the card or the cpu works - but not both.
I have a spare Corsair 650W that I'd like to use along.
My question is; which of the 8-pin power connectors are the safest to connect the second PSU to? All 3 maybe? When turning on the PC there's going to be a delay in between the power-ons of the main system and the supporting PSU.
Buying an overly expensive 800-1000W PSU is not an option for me.
It's a shame owning the Lab Edition card, running at 7C idle, 16C full load and be limited, because of not enough power!

I hope there will be a solution and hopefully this might help others save money and possible excessive power-draw accidents.

PS: Happy new year!