I was hoping if someone had simillar experience with OC
could help me.

I'm trying to do overclocking, but is failing or settings not registering, my setup are:

-Abit BH6 (original version & BIOS just upgraded).
-256M RAM @PC133
-Gforce2-MX400 AGP

In the bios settings, CPU Soft Menu; under user-define, it has a Ext. Clock (PCI) only, not FSB as mentioned.

I tried changing the Ext. Clock (PCI), the multiplier factor, core voltage, values, etc...
112Mhz (1/3) with Multiplier of 4.5@2.2v
124Mhz (1/3) with Multiplier of 4.5@2.2v
133Mhz (1/3) with Multiplier of 4.5@2.2v

but just seems to either hangs during POST or ignores values
and reverts to 450M.

My friends ABIT BH6 v1.1 and is different, it has a FSB setting and he is able to OC.

Any recommendations?