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Thread: Best Chip?

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    Hey guys.I was just wondering what Athlon has the most potential for OC'ing?I've heard ppl who hunt for certain manufacture numbers.As AMD will under rate a proccesor and throw a stamp on it for the sake of supply and demand.Also is it not a good idea to buy OEM chips verses retail for fear of the vendor testing your chip?These are just a few thoughts bouncing around in my skull.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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    I always buy OEM as I don't need anymore retail HSF's when I always fit Volcano 7+'s now plus I overclock so who gives a rat's ass about the warranty really but if ya do everything right then ya won't have a prob. As for the best, some ppl go by steppin's but really it's just how lucky ya are as all steppings have their good and bad ones. The XP2400+'s and XP2600+'s are the best bets atm with their Thoroughbred "B" cores though so just pick the one with the price that suits ya. ;)
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