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Thread: Overclocking Panasonic cf-25

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    I'm attempting to overclock my CF-25 Toughbook from 166Mhz MMX to 200Mhz or upgrade from 166Mhz MMX to 233Mhz MMX

    The original CPU is an Intel Pentium 166Mhz with MMX and the CPU I'm trying to upgrade to is a Pentium 233Mhz with MMX. Now, I have the mother board and the whole unit in complete peices but it doesn't have Vcore and Vio voltages to set the clock frequency to 66 MHz and the clock multiplier to 3.0 (3.5 for 233) on the board or in the Bios. I've managed to plug the 233Mhz into the system and get it to boot up and run but it still only reads\runs at 166Mhz.
    I don't care if I fry the board because I have 4 more of these units to spare. I also have one running Win XP Pro!
    Is there another way, or is there a foreign bios or software that can tweak the voltage for the CPU or overclock it?
    Panasonic says it can be done but won't help me because of policy. :cry:
    So theres a way, I just have to figure out how?????

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    Do you have one of these units your willing to part with?

    [email protected]

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