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Thread: Please Guide me to OC my 1800+

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    Hey guys right now i am debating whethor or not to OC my athlon xp 1800+..

    I have a simple noobish understanding of how the bridges work, voltage, changing the freqs (default of 1.5 ghz is 133)...

    Since I'm a noob, is it possible to overclock the cpu without doing anything with its bridges??( i dont wanna mess anything up)
    If the tempurature was heating up and crashing.. would i need to buy a Thermaltale vocano 7+???

    Please tell me what voltage i could run it at.. or freq...
    I wanna OC so bad with bridges but.. i need a better explained site on how to do it...

    Plz help a noobie knowing as little possible...
    Thank you!

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    Read this one first (and don't skip anything as questions asked later by you that could be answered by readings these links will result in no further replies by me),, followed by this one, :devil win

    Now study these two guides well as ya can be tested on them later at anytime. :D

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