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Thread: processor question

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    I was trying to overclock my 1.1 t-bird,( I did something really stupid while unlocking it,which I know better, but to embarrassed to say what I did). I have a few questions, which I would greatly appreciate advise on.

    1. Are all 1.1 T-bird cpu's the same, or do some overclock better than others? Mobo is limted to 200fsb processor's.

    2. Where is a good place to buy a processor on line?

    3. I have only a 250 watt power supply, does this need to be bigger? Is there certain brands that are better? Which brands do I stay away from?

    4. I am using the jumper free mode with my Asus A7V mobo, should I use the switches instead?

    5. Would I have better luck if I used a newer bios? Mine is version 1004D, looked on Asus page, there is a newer version for this board.

    6. If I have to flash the mobo, can I use a 98 bootdisk with the flash .exe file on the boot disk. I am running xp os that was upgraded from 98 se. If I have to use the xp bootdisk do I put the exe file on the first or last floppy? (there is 6)

    7. How in the heck do I save my current bios to floopy? I know it is in dos, I followed some directions in a guide which got me nowhere.

    8. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Without unlocking the processor I was only able to go from 1.1 to 1.155. (WOW) The factory settings on the vcore voltage was only 1.35 which is to low from what I have read. At 1.65 the pc will not boot. At anything higher than 105 in the cpu Frequency the system was unstable. Dram frequency was 145,factory setting was 100.
    Thanks to who ever responds!

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    Yes some do overclock better than others (other maybe worse) and yes a 300w or better PSU would be much better than that 250w one that you have but if ya want to overclock then a 400w one would be much better. ;)

    As for gettin' one of those long discontinued CPU's I found this,, or, or,3890 and that was only from a quick look but you Yanks are sure lucky as here we cound'y get one unless it's 2nd hand as those havn't been on sale here for about a year now (we've have to use Durons here now for some time to upgrade 100MHz FSB mobos). :(

    For overclocking it's best to use jumperfree mode as there are many more options that way. :devil:

    Yes the updated BIOS could help ya and yes also to usin' a boot disk but ya only need one with system files on it as you'll need the room for the flash .exe and the BIOS file plus room to save the old version back to that floppy in case ya need to flash it back (during the flash process ya'll be ask if ya want to save the old file). ;)

    All mobo's that were restricted to the 100MHz FSB were bad overclockers and now maybe a good time to get ya self one that is far more up to date and this will save ya a lot of probs and maximize your darkside adventures. :devil win

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