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Thread: Help with Multiplyer!!!!

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    Hey guys I have a AMD XP 1800+ set at 140 mhz(1.6GHZ).(default 133)
    My mobo is Gigabyte GA-7VAX.. This is actually a great mobo supporting up to 2800+

    I never unlocked the CPU yet but i dont see how to change the multiplyer in my bios..... i cant find where you can find it..

    whats the point of unlocking my cpu if i cant even change it in my bios?

    and another question.. I usually freeze or lock up when ever i have my FSB over 145... I cant believe ppl who can get them 180 +!!! Why does this occur? with the multiplyer will it help increase the FSB or something? Please help


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    well i had a Gigabyte board and the only way to i could do it was with the jumpers on the motherboard
    try upping the ddr ram volts for highter fsb
    A7N8X no delx
    AMD [email protected] 200z12.5
    epox EP-8RDA
    AMD [email protected] 200x12
    ATI 9700pro
    2-256 pc 2700 2.5 sucks need $$ for new ram
    WD 80gb SE hard drive 8cach buffer lol it died running maxto 40gb ata 133 now
    3d mark 2001se 17k

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    looks like you're having the same problem i have - i can't get my XP2100+ to go over 145MHz fsb with my ASUS board.

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