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Thread: My new system, complete with funny looking HSF!

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    Here is my latest effort for a system which included;
    • XP2400+
      Saphire Radeon 9700 Pro
      Epox 8RDA+
      2 x 256MB Corsair XMS PC3500 CAS 2
      80GB Western Digital 7200RPM ATA-100 8MB
      Xaser II 5000 Plus case
      Antec True Power 480W
      Evercool Aluminium 120mm Fan
      120mm->80mm Fan Adapter

    Here's some pics as I put it together

    All my parts just out of their boxes

    Close up of the Corsair XMS PC3500 and XP2400+

    SLK-800 mounted on the XP2400+ after applying the Artic Silver III

    After a lot of trouble modding the SLK-800 fan clips that were designed to fit an 80mm fan, I eventually got them to clip the 120mm Evercool Aluminium (85cfm @ 2200RPM @ 32DB) and the 80mm->120mm adapter to the SLK-800.

    It really is a very large and silly looking HSF isn't it :lol:

    Finally the I get it into the Xaser II 5000 Plus case where it fits quite snuggly. :)

    I just hope this over the top air cooled HSF yeilds some results. Even if it turns out it cools just as good as 80mm fan I'll be happy because it's SO quiet! :)

    My stock 3Dmark score was 13895. So far my overclocking attempts have been held back as it seems my CPU is locked (will a BIOS update fix this as I thought the 8RDA+ unlocked T-breds?). I managed to get it to 160x15=2400Mhz (equal to 3000+) which bumped my score to 16287. Need another 1713 points to become a member of the 18k club which is what I was hoping for.

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    Maybe ya just have a settin' there not quite right as the one that was here had absolutely no need of a BIOS update to change the multiplier (I certainly hope a later BIOS ver has dropped this support). :?:

    Good though that ya got ya self that UNEEC case though as most others wouldn't have taken that HSF setup at all. :thumb:

    All the best w/ it pal. :devil win

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    Thanks Wiggo :D

    Yeah, a locked multiplier makes it a bit hard to get 200+ fsb speeds. I hope the BIOS does unlock it, as it took me half anhour to get the bloody HSF on there!

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    Well the Volcano 7+ will do just fine on my one when I get around to build it soon. :p

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