My system exhaust fan runs in my room currently runs at 3212 - 3228.

My Case temp is is currently 39C normally averages 32C +

my 2100xp temp is 53 degrees. Can someone please take a look at the ppl who make my case an give me an idea if i need a better case. I mean i have 2700ddr ram. I had to make the enermax fit by bending some flaps. i don't think i have the right case. another thing is that ocassionally when i run my athlon xp at 1.73 normal 2100 bios settings. Yesterday my comp just did loads of wird things, gave me a blue screen - shut down and froze on boot up. But if i have a so called excellent CPU cooler an i have to run it on high every time. i still cant go above 133 user define. WIll a newer abit motherboard make all the difference? with these problems. The new PSU allows me to run CPU at all at 1.73 133mhz, sometimes it runs fine at 133. i don't get freezing problems and stuff when i run it at 100mxh front side bus. Does this mean that it runs as seen as a 1500+ - 1600+ AthlonXP. this is what regsiters in my bios at the only two 100 bus settings i have for Soft Menu 3 for the KG7 RAID but if it still freezes and stuff it can not now be the PSU. Its one of the best available. Its either the asus graphic card that doesn't like running on my ABIT mobo or the vice versa