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Thread: Oc newbie

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    hey,after that help from the WhaT TO BUY forum. I have bought myself alot of componts,except one,,the CPu. I got the gigabyte one. with 1gb ddr and 80gb.

    now heres the part i need to know,i am thinking about gettin the XP2100+,but how do u unlock it? i heard 2000+ was easier to unlock. If u can,is there any good web sites with pics that show me how to unlock 2100,2600 and 2000?

    also,wat PSU should i get? 350w?

    thanks *clap clap clap* to wiggo for the wonderful tips!*


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    Well I ain't Wiggo (thank god :D jk man :)); and I try and avoid contact with the athlon workstation at the shop unless I absolutely need to use it... But, you can get unlocking kits online... If you havn't done it before, I'd suggest ya go that route.

    Edit: Oh ya PSU, I'd go with a 420 or better (350 should do ya, but, your cpu uses more wattage the higher you overclock, not to meantion everything else ya got running in your machine)... better to be safe than looking to upgrade your psu when ya don't need too.
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    I've mentioned this before but here I go again. :D

    Just make sure that the total combined wattage of the 3.3 & 5 volt rails is at least 185W (all good PSU's will show this rating) though I use ones that total 200W myself on 350W rated units. The 12v rail does not need a hell of a lot of juice and this is where the elcheapo brands throw their load plus why they're so very unreliable. :devil win

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