Hey, Ive decided to do some overclocking to my msi GeForce 4 ti4200 focusing on the memory since its default clock is lower than normal, So i went out and bought some 20x10 heat sinks for each module of ram, now before I did all this I did a baseline 3dmark and I got 9890, 10200 then i slightly o/c my video card 265/470 and hit 1100's. Now after geting the heat sinks i used some artic silver and put it on the heat sinks, then put it on the memory (I have only done one side of the card so far) then I put my card back in and fired up 3dmark I decided to get a crack for it (dont know why) and then my first bench mark without o/c at all was 8329 i was like what the heck, so i ran it a few more times geting the same numbers, then I over clocked 275/560 and I only got low 9000's what the hell did i do? This is the first time ive ever put heat sinks on something so I thought maybe I did it wrong, but the heat sinks are pretty warm and the memory is a bit cooler so what is going on??!?! IS it because of the crack maybe? or something else in my system?
Thank you in the future,