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    1) A higher FSB is better, right? I mean would i get better results if I lowered my multiplier and raised the FSB to 166Mhz instead of 11x133 FSB? (eqivalent speeds, different Multiplier/FSB)

    2) Ive heard alot about these Epox boards, why are they so popular? Im just gonna assum overclocking, but are they really better (feature wize) then most of the over boards out there:confused:

    Ill come back for more as i think of them, thanks!

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    Yes the higher FSB does improve performance. :devil:

    IMO EPoX just have one of the best and most flexable BIOS's goin' plus havin' higher possible voltage adjustments makes for a top overclocker's (ya can't beat the price either here). I'd recommend the 8RDA+ myself after now buildin' 2 systems based on it and I'll have one myself in a few weeks. :devil win

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    Wiggo hit the nail on the head, but I'll add my two cents worth to the conversation...

    1- The higher FSB will force the entire system to work harder since it also raises the speeds of the peripherals as well as the processor. This allows the entire system to work in the overclocking process.

    2- EPoX boards are popular because the company actually seems to care about the enthusiast crowd. They always have good options within the BIOS to make overclocking wasy and they also have a lot of voltage adjustment settings available as well. About the only thing lacking is that they don't usually add a voltage adjustment for the video card. But other than that, they make very good O/C boards and also come out with regular BIOS updates that generally let you get even more performance out of the board.

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