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Thread: Overclocking my HP XE783

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    I have a hp system model XE783
    intel chipset (guess it includes mobo too) 810
    700Mhz intel celeron CPU (66MHZ bus)
    so I guess it runs @ 766MHZ

    Can I overclock this system to run @ 100Mhz bus speed?.
    If so , would there be a site or maybe someone could help me out with directions on how to overclock this box. (if it is @ all possible).

    Theres things going around in other forums that you cant overclock an HP system.

    If I cant overclock the cpu, what about overclocking the onboard intel810 videocard? if @ all possible.

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    It's really not worth the effort that you'll have to go thru just to get some basic functions. It would be better and cheaper in the long run to just start plannin' on buildin' ya own rig that will do what you want. :devil win

    Name brand PC's and overclockin' don't go together. :(

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