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Thread: Overclocking

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    I need some advises, pls help.

    I would like clear some doubts on the overclocking issue. I intend to overclock my XP1600 (Palomino core) with a new Abit KD7 using 10.5 X 200mhz configuration using togather with a PC3200 Dram.

    Q1) Can my XP 1600 support such an overclocking (from 133mhz to 200mhz) or do I need to unlock the multiplier to lower number?

    Q2) Do I need to increase the Cpu core voltage ?

    Q3) Do I need to run the FSB speed in synchronous with the DDR memory speed which is 400mhz to max out the performance or better off with just getting a PC2700 Dram and a lower FSB (166mhz to 175 mhz)? Is there big performance (processing speed) different between a 10.5 X 200mhz with a PC3200 and a 10.5 X 175mhz with PC2700 (KT400 is dropping PC3200 support)?

    Q4) Abit mentioned something about its motherboard : "Clock generator on AT7-MAX2 / KD7 do support 1/6 PCI divider
    however, VIA has confirmed that KT400 chipset does not support 1/6 PCI divider even the clock generator can support it." Does that mean that if I run the motherboard at 200mhz, the 1/6 divider will not kick in to bring the PCI & AGP to 33.3mhz & 66.6mhz respectively since KT400 chipset does not support 1/6 PCI divider?

    Thank You.

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    Please don't take this to be rude. There is probably no way in hell that a 1600+ will overclock to 2 gigs and if you did the temps will probably be way to high an damage alot of your gear.

    If you unlock the 1600+ you can get some good ocing out of it just read some of the posts here.

    Now keep in mind that this is only my opinion, but if you went and got a 1700+ tbred you could probably get it to 2 gig.

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    1) I don't think it will go at 200 fsb, a tbred B would on the right board.

    2) Yes

    3) The difference is 12%, you wont notice it in most cases, but that is true of overclocking in general, its just a numbers game unless you are really doing some crunching.

    4) Sounds like you will be stuck at 1/5 divider, another good reason to use lower fsb.

    It will be interesting to see how far you get with that palomino. They really are not very good overclockers, and were sort of a stepping stone to the tbreds.

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