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Thread: FSB no higher than 140 :(

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    Hi sorry about the "wiggo" in the title I jsut thought you'd respond sooner that way :p

    Well I went ahead and bought the 2700 ddr ram for my 2100 max support board and it does work just like you said it would.....but! (theres always a but)

    I thought the reason my fsb couldn't be clocked higher than 140 was because my old pc 133 ram was slowing it down, so when I bought the 2700 i thought the poblem would be solved.

    It wasn't ... :cry:

    i still seem to lose system stability when I go above 140mhz and I don't know much about these things so I have no idea what to do to solve it. I tried in creasing the vcore voltage to 1.775 then 1.8 with 1.8 it seemed to get further (into windows) but still crashed.

    My GPU is at 230/530 so could it be my agp card thats screwing up with an increase in bus speed?

    My motherboard is an A7A266-E could it has a memory freq and pci bus speed ratio thing but the only thing coming up is 1:1 ratio. Could you check the manual for me and give me your expert opinion (:cheers: )

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    This is a pretty common problem, especially with the older chipsets. You may have better luck with higher FSB speeds if you lower the multiplier. Of course, there is still no guarantees, but your chances of success will be a good deal higher.
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    lol 13 is the lowest multiplier in jumperfree mode... Id have to use the dip switch mode if i wanna go lower and even then I'd have to unlock my xp to do it........ can i be arsed....hmmmmmm

    Im too scared to unlock my multiplier... other wise I'd do it in a heartbeat is there somewhere I can go or take it to to have it done for me????

    ( i have very bad luck)

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