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Thread: Newbie Overclocking Questions

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    It's quite possible you could end up building a new PC.
    Some of those OEM motherboards/cases won't conform to the true ATX standards. You'd have to check and see if a true ATX mobo would even fit in that case.
    Again, don't be shocked if it doesn't.

    It gets rather bizarre at times:wow:

    I don't think you screwed up at all - you bought a system that brought you to this point in time. Fact is, you have simply grown in knowledge/experience, and are ready to move onwards/upwards.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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    Son of a... Well, here's the thing, back in Nov. 2001, this thing cost me $1,500; a pretty penny, but it was close to top-notch then. Now if barely plays most new games well. For instance, in playing UT2k3, my settings are 800x600 w/ 32 bit coloring and normal settings. I play w/ 15 bots on the Tokara Forest Level, and my fps goes down to 18 at a time, ouch :cry: . The whole thing is, I def need an upgrade. Right now my CPU (at 1.9ghz) is still kinda fast, because it was the fastest available at that time. Essentially, the biggest problems right now are RAM and my GF2 card, both need to be replaced. Instead of adding on another two 128mb modules of 16 bit PC800 RAM to get 512 mb, I could spend another $80 or so and get a 512mb chip of 32 bit PC1066. Signifcicantly faster, and not a bad deal :thumb: . So then comes the graphics card: a GF2 MX/MX 400 w/ TV out. Ouch, its one of the worst 64mb cards out there, but its all I could afford. I was thinking of upgrading to a faster 128mb card, like a GF4Ti4200 or higher. THose two def need to be done. My question is how hard would it be for me to do it myself, or should I pay the local comp shop to do it for me. Is there any reprogramming I'd have to do for my comp to accept the new harware? As of now, the parts alone will cost about $340-$360. Then should I upgrade my CPU and my mobo? I dunno what to do here, and I'm kind of lost. It would be nice to get a new mobo so that I cna overclock the new hardware that I get. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm not going to do this till this summer, b/c I still need my comp for school work, so I have time to think and do more research. Thx in advance for any help. Peace : peace2: Mista K6.

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