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Thread: Overclocking Asus A7n8x deluxe

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    Yeah, I know.....
    Please send all donations to:
    The Buy Wordbiker Corsair XMS3500 Because He's Such A Swell Guy Foundation...:laugh:

    Seriously, yeah, I'm tired of spending dough on stopgap measures, and I'll wait til I can afford what I really want. I won't go with generic RAM, even in a budget system I build for someone else. I did get a RAM heatspreader, but mostly for looks 'cause it's copper...;) , or, were you talking about VGA RAM heatspreaders? I have some of those on order, as well as an active northbridge cooler. I've already made my system to where it can run quiet, now I'm looking for raw cooling power that can be turned down to quieter levels. If I can't OC my VGA much more, I may consider an active cooling solution for it as well.
    And finally, yeah, I'm having troubles trying to OC because of that lesser RAM, but isn't trying to get more bang for less buck the essence of OCing? Troubles just lead to solutions, and I've learned a WHOLE lot in the process. Thanks for your input..: peace2:
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    VGA Ramsinks are a must, I guess you know that. I have the same approach. All my case fans and CPU fan are attached to a switch on the front that changes between 12V and 7V. Great Idea and keeps the missus happy.

    Were those RAM heatspreader so that you can't see they are only 266MHz... (though you would have to know your ram-chips to see that anyway...)

    BTW, I was told on another thread that you can get over 2GHz out of a 1700+ TB-B core. Don't you wish you read more forums b4 you ordered your gear! Now I am stuck with a palamino 1600+ that can't even handle 1750MHz at 36C!

    Next investment is also active northbridge cooler, unless I can find a way to attach my old globalwin HS to it (another waste of )

    Just like OC'ing a 2100+ is only done for the fun of it while you have a Radeon 7500...(Read: get that new graphics card SWTGUY)

    Oh, and my 3dMark2001 = 10990
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