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Thread: overclocking Xp2200+, help!

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    Ok , I just got my Xp2200+ from the store the oter day ($110, so cheap i had to buy it) and now im looking to unlock it and then overclock it. What kind of performance do u think i could get and is it really worth doing? its not the Thourhobred either. So any ideas? Tips? Thanx.:bounce:

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    Are you sure its not t-bred? I was under the impression xp2100+ was the last palomino ...

    Is o/c'ing worth it? Well, it depends who you ask and what you plan to do with your pc. It very seldom gives boost to anything else than benchmarks - also people who really need power for their work don't usually overclock but get the latest, most powerfull chip.

    That said, it's nice to try out and see how high/far you can get. It's pretty much risk free if you don't plan to push it to the very end at the beginning. Try it and find out yourself.


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