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Thread: They say it's hard to do..... P4S8X Overclock...

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    I recently put together a system for a friend of mine, and now it's sitting in my apartment because I told him I could bench 15K (lol)with it, and he took me up on the offer(doh!).

    The setup is as follows:
    -ASUS P4S8X
    -500W Raidmax Power Supply
    -P4 2.4 533 w/retail fan
    -512MB 333 PC2700- nothing fancy
    -Radeon 9500 Pro Overclocked to 340/640
    -Fairly good case cooling (5x80mm fans) (2xfront,2xrear,1xside)
    -Other stuff that's not very important

    Has anyone worked through a good overclocked setup for this mobo?

    I'm hesitant to push the P4 past 1.6V (especially since it has the stock fan, which I've heard is adequate for minimal overclocking)

    I'm thinking about increasing the CPU, AGP and DDR voltages, but I'm worried I may fry his sytem in the process. The graphics card is touchy, and will produce some ugly artifacts if it's not spoon fed the right setup, and I've read some posts that say overclocking this mobo is just a bad idea.

    Any suggestions?

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    CPU temps might rise into the low 50's at 1.7v vcore depending... but overall, although i havn't seen any pictures of his case layout... I'd have to say his overall case airflow seems to be good enough and should help out with supplying enough cool air to keep the temps down around high 40's ... low 50's at 1.7v oc'd to around 3ghz (if the 2.4 can reach that high, many cannot).
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    I bumped the Vcore to 1.6V and it hovers around 40, also raised the FSB to 156, so it's running at 2.81. Also dropped the memory to 2/2/2/5 and raised the voltage +0.1. I tried to mess around with the AGP voltage but it caused havoc with the 9500, which seems a little slower now, even at the higher Processor Speed.... Having some artifacting and stuttering problems, and at one point got a high pitched whine...

    Earlier this morning:

    I managed to max out the FSB at around 162 (2.88 MHz), which is a lot better than I had hoped, and it liked the voltage at around 1.65, so I'm not too worried about the temp. It was hard trying to get the memory freq to synch up, and I think it was around 205 or something like that. I'm thinking about buying a stick of quality PC3200....

    Sad thing is, it doesn't bench much better than before. In fact, the 3DMark03 only hit about 1050 (My laptop hits around that, yuck) and had some artifacting, though I was getting about 510-520 fps in UT2K3 at 1024 with a 72 Hz refresh (60 gives me headaches), which was up from 420 fps or so.

    I'm still having problems with the video card, I have it set to 8X with a 128 Meg aperture (wasn't happy with 256 for some reason) and had to disable fast writing. I also can't set the 8X option in the SmartGart tab.. What gives?

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    Try resetting everything to default and try again. And try setting the cards gpu and mem clocks back to default as that might be that cause of your problem, then try just ocing the processor and see if you hit the 15k mark...
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    Man, this mobo/gpu combo sure is touchy.

    So I set everything back to normal and it cleared up all the problems (though on a restart I sometimes still get some messy displays, mostly little miscolored pixels around icons and such)

    I slowly raised the FSB first to 150, then 156, then 160, then 166. So with the 18X modifier I was right around 3.0GHz. I ran 3DMark03 to test the stability and it crashed all the way down to FSB 156 (2.81GHZ) and voltage at 1.55. At 1.6 I was getting a core temp of 46, so I was a little hesitant to try and push it. Maybe with a better heatsink and fan... But I managed a 3468 on the 3DMark, so I was getting somewhere....

    Anyway, so on to the AGP, DDR and memory timings.... These were tricky, because depending on the mood of my system, I could either push the CAS lower or not. And depending on the mood of my GPU, I could up the voltage and aperture size, or not.

    In the end I was back to a 2/2/2/5 @ 2.6V with the AGP at 1.6V with 128 Meg Ap. in 8X. (Still can't get SmartGart to stay at 8X....)
    In the end, with a little tweaking of the OpenGL and D3D tabs, I cranked out a 4200 which was good enough for me. I think I could have pushed it further, but my friend was getting anxious to have his computer back. With a good heatsink/fan and some Corsair RAM, I'm pretty sure I could hit an equivalent 03 score of 15,000 (I think that's around 5000 on 03, right?).

    So for the final test, I reset everything to normal and managed another 3400 score totally "stock" (my problem the first time was that I had all the settings on max performance, doh!).

    Thanks again for the input, people! :woot:

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