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Thread: OCing a tbird 1.33g and k7vta3

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    Hey, just need help overclocking my amd thunderbird1.3
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. can't really spend much money so i need to oc it as much as i can without modifying it much.

    Here are my computer stats:
    ECS k7vta3
    AMD Thunderbird 1.33 Ghz
    Radeon 7000
    stock heatsink and fan


    PS. i'm a newbie to this kinda stuff so basics first please

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    Before u start overclocking I would suggest replacing the stock hsf because that thing is a pos :thumbs do The Volcano 7+ is a nice hsf, plus you should get some Arctic Silver 3 to put on ur cpu heatspreader:thumb:

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    Since you're new to overclocking, let me direct your attention to an AMD Overclocker's Guide that we have here. It should help you figure out just what you can do, and more importantly HOW.

    Good luck and make sure to let us know your results! :thumb:
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