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Thread: OCing Tips and Tricks?

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    Hello guys!

    I would like to know if you have any ideas, tips, or tricks on OCing my Pentium 2.4 Ghz Processor? Any links to web sites would be appreciated or just plain responses from you. I really need to know how to do this, as I have never done it before.

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    I havn't found a good P4 o/c guide yet but bump the core and memory voltages up 0.1v and then start raisin' the FSB (front side bus) a little bit at a time with stress testing in between each adjustment till ya get a good overclock (additional voltage maybe applied but do be sure that ya have good cooling in place, especially case airflow). Once ya found the CPU's sweet spot then ya can concentrate on finding the memory's sweet spot by reducing the timings (if possible) and then work on the video card. :devil win

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    Sup Bro? I pretty much followed the P4 OC experiment that they did here at Tweak Town. However, they only got their P4 2.4B up to 2.88 Gigs? I have mine up to 3.06 without any problems at all.:D I'm no expert but here is what I basically did. First, I increased my FSB 1-3 mhz at a time, preferrably 1, with testing every time in between to check for stability. (3DMARK Benchmarking, SiSoft Sandra Standard... etc.) I did NOT raise my Core Voltage up very much only 1.575 from 1.525. If your chip overclocks fine without a large increase in the voltage then why increase the voltage a lot? If you increase the volts a lot, you're going to generate a lot more heat and keeping the heat down is the key. I overclocked my entire system, instead of overclocking the chip first, then the Ram. It worked well for me but I believe you have a different board than I do. Like Wiggo said, when you find the CPU's sweet spot, you can begin to work on your card. I have a couple of OCing programs for my 9700 Pro, Radeonator, Rage3d tweak, and Powerstrip. They all work well. If you're planning on OCing your card past the 360/320 mark, I would recommend looking into some aftermarket cooling. Let me know how it goes and sorry for the long post.

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