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Thread: Completely new system with a few Qs (long)

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    OK guys, I'm new here (TT Forums) but not new to computers. Do not take this as I am an expert, but I've been building systems since I was 9 and have an avid interest in reading all I can. I am also the type of person that does not necessarily want someone to tell me step by step how to do something, but I do want to know before I'm going to do something incredibly stupid/ill-advised/dangerous, etc.

    With this being said, I would like to say hello to everyone and tell you about my new system. I just ordered an Albatron PX845PEV Pro with a P4 2.4B and 512MB of PC2700 DDR. I also bought a Radeon 9500 Pro and am excited about what I can do with this new system compared to my old clunker (533 celeron, 448 SDRAM, GeForce2 GTS). I want to know what you guys do to get a baseline score for the purpose of having something to compare to once I have OCed my comp.

    What I have in mind is to install everything, backup, then reformat and do a fresh install of XP Pro. Here's where I come across my first question: should I run all the benchmarking and everything before I install all the other programs I plan on Installing? (Office, games, etc.) or should I install everything like I normally would, then benchmark, or both? I am also curious as to how many fans you guys consider enough? What should my goal be for system temp? I am not going to go crazy with watercooling or anything else, but I do plan on having relatively good airflow without too much noise hindrance. Right now, I am planning on 1 intake (front) 1 exhaust(back) and another exhaust up top. The case I am buying has a side panel fan, should this be intake or exhaust? I think this should be fairly adequate as far as air movement goes. I also am thinking about replacing the stock P4 HSF, but that depends on how well the stock one performs. Anyways, let me know what you guys think and I will adjust my plans accordingly :). Thanks a bunch in advance.

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    I am also curious as to how many fans you guys consider enough?
    there is no such thing as too many fans.....but too much noise on the otherhand is really bad.....especially if you sleep in the same room as your computer... :shoot3:

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    Yeah, more is better when it comes to fans, ideally you want a little more air going in then going out. So, if you have an odd number of fan, have the odd one out be an intake. As far as the HSF that comes with the P4, junk it and buy a Thermaltake volcano 7+, this will probably be the best purchase you make. It will keep your CPU temps down usually 40C and below, which is good. Take your OCing slow and easy. Good luck and enjoy.

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    Ah... so many questions, but we'll see if we can help out a bit. ;)

    - To set up a baseline score, install all system components and then install Windows fresh. You can either install normal programs first or wait, but it is usually a good idea to go ahead and throw them onto the system since you will likely be testing it again later on after they have been installed anyway. This will help provide a level playing field since the system will be in the same condition as when you took baseline scores. When you throw the first set of tests at it, make sure that all peripherals and the processor are running at default (factory) speeds and specs. This is going to be your beginning point and you'll want to be able to see what type of improvements your getting over default.

    - I think the topic of fans has been covered as far as quantity goes, but make sure that you allow for a natural airflow. This will entail fresh cool air coming in from the lower front portion of the case and then exiting in the upper/rear portions of the case. Since heat rises, this will make things run much smoother.

    - That fan socket in the side of the case should most likely be an intake fan. They are generally positioned in the central/lower part of the side panel so will do well for additional cool air. It will also keep the air moving that sometimes likes to stagnate (and heating the entire system too much) in the lower PCI part of the system. Good airflow here can make a world of difference.

    - As to the HSF, check out the Intel stock one first and measure temperatures. There are certainly better ones available, but the stock Intel fans have traditionally been surprisingly good since the P4 hit the streets. If the temperatures are not to your liking, then make an additional purchase of an aftermarket HSF at that time.

    Hopefully I've covered your main topics here. If not, just give a shout and I'll see if I can spread a little light onto any dark areas. :D
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    wow darth thats a very well written artical.. as with everyone else more fans the better but u can do some mild tuning without any aditional costs, such as fans or cpu coolers, but dont expect too much, see a patern here...airflow=good aslo try to tie up ur cabels, nothing kills airflow like a big fat ide cable (rounded cables are better) i just zip tied everythign to the side of the case might be a big mess but better then killing ur airflow.

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    what type of case do you have? and i really reccomend planning ahead, like imma get a lian-li 60 and i have pictures of EXACTLY what i want with statistics (CFM and everything) and see if it all will work well, just plan ahead and take your time, remember have fun....and.... NICE BUY ON THE 9500 PRO that card is :wow: it is like the ultimate budget card b/c its not TOO expensive yet it is ready for Doom ]|[ nice job :thumb:
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