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Thread: FSB667 on Intel??? (and some q's...)

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    I recently checked tom's hardware and ran into this article on the new Sis chipset and another one to follow...
    it uses rd-rams and claims to work with pc1333 rd-rams which i never seen before. What's more surprising is the sis 659 chipset is supposed to work with FSB400,553 and 667?
    What is the point in this since there are no P4's running on Quad-Pumped 166Mhz FSB (667MHz effective)...
    If they have done this for overclockers, which might be the case, Hurray for ABIT and SIS.
    Anyone has any other ideas pls let me know...
    btw, are FSB and RAM bandwidth best be equal, or is this just nonsense?
    Thnx in advance
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    its true, in an article of Maximum PC they used an SIS chip with the same stats except used PC333 and PC400 and the PC333 ran faster than the PC400 in all benchmarks they ran...
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    They may have been using a SiS based 800 MHz FSB chipset, but only had a 533 MHz supporting FSB CPU, so they OC'ed that to 667 MHz, but i doubt they did that, becuase i have'nt heard of an SiS 800 MHz FSB Chipset yet :confused: :confused: :confused: .
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