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Thread: Wierd Question

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    I am in the process of overclocking my Athlon system and have noticed something a bit wierd - well I think its wierd. In the bios of my mother board there is a setting called CPU ratio which I guess is the multiplier settings. (see my sig for the mb make) I changed this to x13 with the fsb of 109 and I actually got a processor speed of 575mhz? I thought it was supposed to go up?

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    hehe.. i have the same mobo as u.. and yes.. i also tried 13 as the multiplier but it actually sets as a ultra low multiplier (according to ur results 575mhz/109fsb = ~5.25x).

    I dunno if its a bug or not as it dont bother me.. i just stick to 12.5x anyhow and up the fsb more.

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    will it run at 13.5 or does it do the same...did you also connect your bridges?
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    i guess if you have xp2100+ the multi is 13, xp22 is 13.5,,,and so on with the default fsb of 133.

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    Well I have left it at 12.5 and put the fsb at 133 which gives the correct speed. I just thought it was a bit wierd oh well. I also tried the other multiplier settings and got wierd results. Oh well I guess there will be a bios update which will probably fix it.

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