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Thread: its a little weird

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    heres my overclock job that turned out a little weird. i boosted my voltage from 1.750 to 1.870 and it ran like a beauty for about 30 mins then crashed. no before all you guys say i need better cooling i checked my temps and they were very reasonable i know this sounds like a heat related problem. and these lock ups started before i changed the multiplier or fsb. so it seems it doesnt like the voltage. anyone know whats up here? or tell me if u need more info??thanks
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    It's most likely the fault of ya motherboard as ECS lacks the quality required for darkside adventuring (I had a K7S5A and it was one POS).

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    ill have to completely agree with ya there man

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    I had an ECS K7S5A and it was beyond decent for me w/ the latest modified HoneyX BIOS for added stabibility .

    Lol I would really like to hear about your experiance w/ the POS, as I hear you mention it every once in a while, and hinted that you would like to snap it in half :laugh: .

    Actually one time my friend had this TERRIBLE pinegroup soundcard, that would literally take his whole computer down, and crash it like 2x what normal Win98 does. We brought it down to a baseball field and poured smokeless powder all over it, and watched the 3 1/2 foot flames burn. <InsertOfficeSpace'DieMotherF***ers'>We made some harsh comments toward that true POS...</InsertOfficeSpace'DieMotherF***ers'>
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