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Thread: Which is better HL or HL2?

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    Default Which is better HL or HL2?

    Note that I hardly ever visit gaming sites/forums so I don't know what must have already been a "settled" matter. And so I ask here.
    Also, I'd like to think those that vote would've played the original HL first, instead of those (quite a few, I imagine) that played HL2 before they played the original. I think this kind of makes sense and makes for a better poll (correct me if I'm wrong).

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    Default Re: Which is better HL or HL2?

    Welcome! Interesting question. It's a tough one, because I played and finished HL1 a long time before HL2, but I think I'm qualified to answer as when I was playing HL1, its graphics were considered top notch :)

    It will always be tough for a sequel to top the original for gamers like myself because it was really the first time I played an FPS like it. HL2 was still a really good game but HL1 kinda set the benchmark and had the originality factor working for it. Plus I was younger back then, and games like that tend to capture your imagination more when you're younger. They leave a lasting impression that was unmatched at the time.

    So, all in all, at the time of release I think HL1 was probably the better game but at the same time I don't think a sequel can really ever have much of a chance to beat the original out, particularly when the original was considered one of the best games ever made at the time of its released.

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    Default Re: Which is better HL or HL2?

    It's a tough call, but I think HL2 was the better game, regardless of cosmetic differences. Half-Life was definitely the best thing to come out at the time for single-player shooters, but so was Half-Life 2.

    Half-Life was certainly revolutionary, adding a bunch of concepts that hadn't really been used in a game before. And it was pretty fun, but Half-Life 2 did all that and more. It threw in the character and story development that Half-Life was really lacking.

    I did play them in the correct order, for the record.

    In any case, I've always ranked them as my first and second favorite shooters of all time, and I don't expect that to change. I suppose I'd even put Episode One as my third favorite. It's a great series, no matter how you look at it.

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    Default Re: Which is better HL or HL2?

    I haven't had the chance to play HL2 yet, but I do have very fond memories playing the first!
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    Default Re: Which is better HL or HL2?

    Hey Guys.

    Yeah, I do remember playing Half-Life : 1 back in 1998...back in the days when I had a VooDoo 2 (12 Mb) Video Card. In my trusty Pentium 1, 200 Mhz with 32 Mb RAM with a 3.7 Gb Hard-Drive. lol. It was the BoMb.

    I just remember standing in awe the very first time I saw Gordon on the Tram. Running on a computer the department store had set-up to promote the game.

    I just kept replaying the intro scene where you travel on the tram; it really did take my breath away. :-)

    I of course played - Opposing Force, Blue Shift and then Half Life 2. WooH! :-)

    But lets not forget the Half-Life 1 : Uplink was an origional after all.

    When it comes to which was better of the two: ?

    I would have to say HALF LIFE : 1 kicks arse.

    The story line was was unpredictable, it was scary, it was dark. It had monsters, monsters and more monsters.

    In some levels you had to jump from table to table to avoid electrocution, from a flooded room with exposed electrical wires. There where slippery surfaces, there where ambushes, there where trip mines, creatures in the water. Side quests and puzzles in parts where you had to find out how to turn the power back kill a beast in the science observation deck. We all know the one with the Tentacles. Remember trowing those grenades...I am sure you do. How about all those assassins that came out of nowhere, with those Female assassins which where almost impossible to hit. :-)

    How about travelling on the electric Train network shooting at soldiers left and right. Ducking from incoming rockets from every direction. But let’s not forget about teleporting from one world to the next. Gunning down alien scum on their own turf by their own rules. That's what made it uBer sweet I reckon. Don't you?

    -Sparkle Out
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