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Thread: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

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    Default Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    Was browsing around today and found a few new cinimatic and in-game videos of the new starcraft. I reckon it looks amazing but I'm not sure if it could come close to the original, I hope it does and from the sounds of it they have a really good team working on it at the moment.

    Check out the vids:
    BRING IT ON!!!!

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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2
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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    They'll have their work cut out for them to top the original, that's for sure. The good thing about RTS games though is sequels tend to end up better than most sequels in other genre's - if they manage the fundamentals and don't screw anything up, it will at least be a solid game. Just as long as they can keep that Starcraft feel with a new engine.

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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    Starcraft was my favorite multiplay game of its time. I'll be getting the next release of the game when it comes out and maybe even more than one copy if its good enough. I hope Blizzard can retain its reputation with SC2, seems like RTS games for the PC is a video game category that has had a lot of updates done to it since Starcrafts reign and alot game build tilt toward advanced players since the days of Starcraft. I hope they can come up with a new scheme that works so SC2 isn't just another RTS game but can still have the charm of the original.
    I wonder if the game will come before of after the movie.......

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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    I learned networking to play on my own net with this game.... I still play it.. If you are in the baltimore Maryland usa area . drop me a line.. we can play a few games . bring a friend or two . I scavange computers and have any thing from 3 to 9 comps on this network ..5 now pII 350 and up .. phones were to slow , but network fine.. 2 computers can fly IL2 Forgotten Battles. game any one?
    But really , I hope they either do a complete modern update OR a clean improvement of the old.. time to play one round now . later
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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    It's looking light Stacraft Brood War on speed thrown into the Warcraft III engine on crack. I'm extremely excited. I have no doubt that Blizzard will produce another winner here.

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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2


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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    That looks really good...although I still have to say the game I'm anxiously anticipating the most is SPORE.
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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    Blizzard have put up the new starcraft2 website

    have a look its good as, has some really good images and game play videos.
    BRING IT ON!!!!

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    Default Re: Who's looking forward to Starcraft 2

    There are some sweet videos about at the moment (gameplay)..

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