I own the Sidewinder X6 keyboard, and the latest version of MS mouse and keyboard center on win7 64 bit.

I'm trying to create an app-specific profile that will use the detachable keypad as a macro-pad.
When I click "enable" in the "enable macropad" menu under "basic settings", the keypad lights orange instead of red, and the macro keys function as macro keys (S13-S30).

However, when I go to the app-specific menu, and assign macros to S13-S30, and start that app. the keypad lights red again, and functions as normal keypad rather than the defined macro keys.
This doesn't matter on which of the 3 banks I assign the macro.

Does anyone have a solution?
I need it as keypad while in windows, and as macro pad only when I'm playing that game.


(Also posted in "hardware")