A motherboard to quench the thirst of mainstream users for better performance: EP-4PDA2+

This new offering delivers a comprehensive solution for the mainstream performance users¡_

[Taipei, May 21, 2003]¡ªEPoX Computer Co. Ltd. (EPoX), the world¡¯s professional mainboard manufacturer, today announced its supreme i865PE+ICH5R flagship product, EP-4PDA2+, supporting the superb high speed of 800MHz FSB and dual channel DDR 400. EPoX added several advanced technologies, making this product desirable to many classes of users.
As a genuine EPoX product, EP-4PDA2+ is designed to meet the demands of present and future intensive application and hardware needs. It is equipped with full Serial ATA (S-ATA) solution, HighPoint IDE RAID, IEEE 1394(Firewire), Gigabit LAN, 6CH Audio and USB 2.0.

EP-4PDA2+ provides 4 S-ATA ports with RAID 0 and 1 support. Utilising Silicon Image Sil3112A chip, EP-4PDA2+ is able to deliver a high data transfer bandwidth up to 150MB/s and allows end-users to Hot-Plug storage or ATAPI devices. With the on-board HPT372 RAID controller, EP-4PDA2+ provides users with 2 extra ATA-133 IDE ports with RAID 0, 1, 0+1 function. In addition, this chip provides the new RAID 1.5 which lets users only need two storage devices but fully enjoy the RAID 0+1 function, originally requires four devices.

Anticipating the future demand of broadband, EP-4PDA2+ includes Gigabit Ethernet (with a maximum bandwidth of 1000Mb/s), 10 times speed faster than current popular Ethernet connection. Furthermore, EP-4PDA2+ is equipped with 3 IEEE 1394 ports for up to 400Mbps high-speed data transfer ability and comprehensive PC connectivity for the increasing popularity of consumer electronics devices, such as digital cameras, DV camcorders, DVD-ROMs, and portable devices.

Designed from the user¡¯s perspectives, the EP-4PDA2+ also boasts several innovative features£ºPost-Port (an onboard LED-display troubleshooting device), Power BIOS (supporting various overclocking settings via BIOS), Magic Screen (a boot-up screen customisation utility), Magic Flash (an automatic BIOS update utility), and Magic Health (monitoring the system hardware status).