Taipei– HK– Singapore– Germany– June 30, 2003. Ennyah Technology Corp., a prestigious manufacturer, aims at providing the high performance 3-D Graphics Cards, Multimedia add-on solutions and Optical storage products announces its second generation DigiSound II 6 in 1 MP3 Player. It is scheduled to launch in Mid July worldwide.

Ennyah DigiSound II 6 in 1 MP3 Player builds with 128MB memory provides you a just right storage space for audio tracks or data files. Build in with FM function comes with auto channel scanning and support users listening and recording FM radio broadcasts simultaneously. A must mention feature is its FM Preset function! With DigiSound II, you don’t need to worry about your schedule can’t work with radio broadcasts’. Just set the time to record your desired channels. It will auto turn-on and record the program for you. Imaging what Ennyah DigiSound II can bring to you.

The A-B Loop function is great for learning purpose. You can learn new languages or songs by repeating certain sections you set as many times as you wish! Long-lasting voice recording function records 10 hours or more based on 128MB. It is a perfect digi-secretary records every word during meetings or lectures and report to you with great sound quality. Ennyah DigiSound II builds in voice effect modes, provides Jazz, Classic, Rock, POP, and Normal. Bundling with high quality earphone, which its Simualtion Titanium Element with superior Frequency Responses further ensures the quality of the sounds! What you can ask more?

Yes, you can! Ennyah DigiSound II builds with “what customers want” in mind, adopts single chip that greatly improves the power saving for 30% more than other competitors’ reference designs. It is PnP, no installation, no special technical skills needed! Don’t need to learn new software applications! Simply plug it and you are ready to go. It also supports Hot Swap!

More great features are waiting for you to discover. Please visit our website at: or [email protected] for further information.