Introducing ABIT’s latest ABIT Engineered AMD Motherboard: The KV7

Taipei, Taiwan, July 8, 2003-ABIT Computer Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-performance motherboards, is proud to announce our latest motherboard for the AMD platform, the KV7. The KV7 is powered by the long-awaited VIA KT600 chipset, which features both support for DDR 400 and a 400 MHz front side bus, making it ready for the latest games and applications. And of course the KV7 comes with serial ATA RAID 0/1 and is loaded with ABIT Engineered features for overclocking fanatics, like Softmenu™, MAX FID and TweakGuard™.

Feature Rich and Fully Loaded

The KV7 supports VIA’s FastStream64 technology, which features a single channel 64 bit memory controller to enable the highest performance on the most demanding applications such as gaming and multimedia. 3 high-speed DDR DIMMS are included for a maximum of 2 GB of DDR 400, making the KV7 an ideal choice for memory intensive applications. On-board 10/100 LAN means that the KV7 is high-speed Internet ready. Also included with the KV7 is 6-channel audio featuring VIA’s Vinyl Audio for the richest, warmest audio on your home PC. The KV7 also supports a professional digital audio interface supporting 24-bit S/PDIF OUT.

Product Positioning

Multimedia Rich, High Performance:

NF7-S: The ultimate AMD platform. Nforce2 chipset, serial ATA, dual DDR, FSB 400.

NF7: Same as NF7-S without the serial ATA

NF7-M: The NF7 series with integrated NVIDIA GeForce4 MX graphics.

Pure Performance

KV7: For users who just want pure performance. KT 600 with DDR 400 support and a 400 MHz FSB.

Value Performance

KD7A: The best value in AMD platforms. KT 400A chipset supports all the latest AMD CPUs with a 333 MHz FSB.

About ABIT

ABIT Computer Corporation designs and sells a complete family of award-winning ABIT Engineered mainboards and multimedia products. All ABIT products support industry-leading technology and provide leading quality and performance for integration of computer components supporting a broad range of PC applications, such as e-commerce, e-business, entertainment and education. Corporate headquarters are located in Taiwan. For more information, visit
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