ALi and ULi Co-announce Newest Intel P4 Chipset
M1683 Supports FSB 800MHz/DDR 400/AGP 8X

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 8, 2003 - ALi Corporation, a leading provider in the integrated circuits industry, today and its official subsidiary ULi Electronics Inc. (ULi) together introduced M1683, their newest Northbridge chip supporting the Intel Pentium 4 processor. The M1683 matches with ALi's highly integrated M1563 Southbridge chip to provide a solution of top-notch quality, exceptional stability and outstanding efficiency for the desktop and notebook computer markets.

Meeting all the standards and requirements for the mainstream PC market, the solution demonstrates ALi's extensive knowledge and capability accumulated over many years of experience in developing PC core logic chipsets. At the same time, ALi and ULi will combine their technological foundations to continue to expand the PC market, supply high quality innovative products, and provide even more excellent customer service.

The M1683 possesses the complete features for today's high-end Intel Pentium 4 technology and mainstream specifications. In addition to supporting up to 800MHz system bus, the M1683's advanced support of up to three DDR 400 memory modules with proven reliable and stable performance for DDR 266/333/400 and PC-133 greatly boosts overall system performance to the next level. The M1683 also supports AGP 8X and an outstanding power management function, which respectively optimizes your multimedia and gaming experience and minimizes power consumption¡Xperfect for both desktop and notebook applications.

"ALi's successful expansion of its business operations to the consumer electronics and wireless communication fields has enabled the company to become one of few IC design houses in the global industry to possess complete 3C technology," said Dr. Chin Wu, President of ALi Corporation and Chairman of ULi Electronics Inc. The jointly launched next-generation P4 800MHz chipset is a successful result of the combination of ALi's strong 3C backbone and ULi's specialization in customer sales and technical support. I believe this combination will produce a positive effect on customers as well as the whole PC industry."

"In the fiercely competitive PC chipset market, each company's business operation model should be flexible and able to advance with the industry," said Mr. Alex Kuo, President of ULi Electronics Inc. "This time, ULi and ALi together debuted the M1683 chipset that completely conforms to mainstream market demands for a top quality product. In the future, ULi will continue to produce highly integrated, versatile products that are even more competitive on the market. At the same time, we will concentrate on sales and technical support to meet the demands and requirements of our customers."

About ULi

ULi Electronics Inc. is a subsidiary company of ALi Corporation that focuses on the marketing and sales, R&D, and technical support for core logic chipsets and other related host-based peripherals. Together, ULi's highly experienced management and engineering teams aim to provide the PC industry with excellent quality service and innovative, feature-rich products.