Form factor
ATX 304.8mm x 243mm (12"x 9.6")
CPU Support
AMD Athlon/XP/Barton/Duron Socket A processors
CPU Bus Frequency range
200 to 400MHz (DDR)
NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 + NVIDIA nForce2 MCP-T
Main Memory
Supports 3 184 -pin DIMM sockets for DDR -SDRAM module (PC2100, PC2700, PC3200)
Support up to 3GB of memory
Expansion slots
1 x 32bit 8X AGP slot
4 x 32bit PCI slot
1 x ACR slot
Adjustment for Best performance setting
Adjustable CPU clock(100~300MHz)/ ratio(max to 24x). Vcore(1.1~2.0V),
Vmem(2.5~2.7V), AGP Vddq(+0.2V & +0.1V), Chipset core Vdd(1.6V ~ 1.9V)
Two ATA 33/66/100/133 IDE ports
Supports up to PIO mode 4, Multi-word DMA mode2 and Ultra ATA 66/100/133 MB/Sec
Bus master drivers for most well-known O
Double stack back-panel I/O connectors
PS/2 Mini-Din mouse & keyboard ports
RJ45 connector (LAN version only)
Four USB2.0 Ports
One External Bracket with two USB2.0 ports (Optional)
One 25pin D-SUB female printer port
Two 9pin D-SUB male serial port for COM1 & COM2
Line_In, Line_Out and Mic_In jacks
System BIOS
AWARD BIOS, supports PnP, APM, Multi-Device booting features (Floppy, LS120, CD-ROM, IDE, SCSI, ZIP, ATAPI)
Supports ACPI 1.0b (Advanced Configuration Power Interface): S1, S3 (Suspend to RAM), S4 (Suspend to DISK)
Boot-up anti-virus support
4MB flash ROM
Speed Gear II Hardware Monitor
Speed Gear II Hardware Monitor provides main system information. You can read CPU/System Fan speed and temperature to provide the best overclocking capacity from Speed Gear II Hardware Monitor.
BIOS PC Health hardware monitoring
Two thermal sensors protecting CPU and system
5 voltages monitoring input (+3.3V, +5V, Vddq, Vmem, Vcore)
With AMD XP series CPU, built-in CPU over temperature shutdown (O.T.S.) and overheated warning message functions to protect CPU from burnout. According to O.T.S. function, a temperature warning message window is going to pop-up as long as CPU is overheated, meanwhile, your system will be immediately shutdown to protect CPU from burnout.
Two series ATA ports
Supports SATA RAID 0/1 interface
With AMD XP series CPU and upwards, built-in over temperature protect function and overheating warning message window to protect CPU from burnout.
Package contents User's manual
nForce2 Ultra 400 Deluxe Limited motherboard
Ultra ATA133 IDE & FDD Round cable
S-ATA cable & power connector
Optical fiber cable
SPDIF output RCA jack bracket
Multi-function ACR card (WinFast K7NFAL)
Driver CD
Ulead Video Studio6.0 &Cool 3D 3.0