Awesome 7.1 Surround Sound Experience from PC Games, Movies and
Digital Music

SYDNEY - September 9, 2003 - Creative Labs Pty Ltd, a local subsidiary of Creative Technology Ltd, a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC users, today announced two new additions to the award-winning Creative Inspire® speaker line. Building on the value and performance of the Inspire line, the next generation of Inspire speakers incorporates a two-way speaker design and includes Creative's first 7.1 PC speaker system--the Creative Inspire T7700. Priced at AUD$349 inc GST, the Creative Inspire T7700 is slated for shipment in October. New addition also is the 2.1 Creative Inspire T2900 with a retail value of AUD$149 inc GST.

The Creative Inspire T7700 is designed to deliver stunningly accurate discrete 7.1 positional audio when paired with the Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy® 2 ZS, but can also be used with any 5.1 or 6.1 sound card for an enveloping audio experience. A tweeter and mid range driver in the system's three front speakers work in harmony to create rich tonal balance between highs and mids, ensuring accurate, crystal clear audio quality. The side satellite speakers offer smoother pans and pinpoint accuracy from the latest EAX® or Microsoft® DirectSound® 3D games that are unavailable in 5.1 solutions. In addition to the seven speaker satellites, the Creative Inspire T7700 speaker system includes a high-quality reinforced wood subwoofer with a 6.5" long-throw driver and a dual flared port tube for deep, clean bass from PC games and DVD movies.

The new Creative Inspire T7700 speaker system is equipped with Creative Multi-Speaker System (CMSS®) technology, an innovative EAX multi-channel up-mixing functionality for an enveloping surround environment. CMSS dramatically enhances the playback of 5.1/6.1 audio soundtracks and music files across the full 7.1 speaker configuration.

The feature-rich Audio Control Pod included with the Creative Inspire T7700 speaker system integrates an M-PORT™ for streaming music with compatible Creative audio players such as the Creative NOMAD® MuVo® NX. The remote also features a line-in, headphone jack, power on/off and convenient volume/bass controls. The Creative Inspire T7700 speaker system also includes removable metal stands to enable wall mounting of satellite speakers or placement on a desktop.

Creative Inspire T2900
For exceptional music and MP3 listening at a great price, the Creative Inspire T2900 borrows technology and performance from the new Creative Inspire 7.1 speaker systems. The Creative Inspire T2900 consists of two sonically refined speakers, each features a tweeter and a mid range driver to create a perfect tonal balance between highs and mids, ensuring accurate and clean music reproduction. The reinforced subwoofer ensures powerful bass reproduction.

The system's versatile Audio Control Pod also integrates an M-PORT for streaming music with compatible Creative NOMAD MuVo players. It also features auxiliary line-in, headphone jack, power on/off switch, and volume and bass control making it ideal as a standalone music listening speaker system.

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