The Silent Stream is an easy to install water-cooling solution for your pc or home entertainment system, offering cutting edge technology at a very competitive price.

Taipei , Taiwan , 13 October 2003 Global WIN, a leading specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation has shown its Silent Stream water-cooling systems at Computex. Silent Stream has a patented design, which is totally screwless at the connector between the water tubes and other parts. The systems are available for Intel Pentium 4 and AMD K7 based systems. An upgrade kit for the AMD K8 will be available soon.

The Silent Stream features a water block with motor at the position of the CPU cooler and a radiator at the position of an 80 mm case fan. The whole installation takes less than eighty seconds - you only have to fix the CPU clip and mount the fan with four screws. The unique design brings the heat efficiently and directly out of the case and enables a lower system temperature, ideal for all system components.

Global WIN has also shown, at Computex, the new generation of CPU coolers - aluminium and copper based CPU coolers for powerful AMD K8 based systems up to AMD K8 XP3200+ CPUs.

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About Global WIN
Global WIN, a specialist in thermal conductivity and heat dissipation, was founded in 1992 in Taiwan in a space of 720 square feet (67m2) packed with offices and production lines. At the end of 1998, the company relocated to their current office and factory located in the Taipei Science Park in Neihu. The following year Global WIN established a 500-person production line in Mainland China to accommodate increasing worldwide sales demand.

Global WIN now has offices in the U.S., China and Europe (France) and an International Sales team located around the globe. The production capacity reaches more than 500,000 pieces per month with annual sales of 18 million USD.

The product range includes Desktop, Laptop and 1U/2U Server CPU Coolers for a whole range of CPU models, Hard Disk coolers, VGA and chipset coolers. As well as Nanometre Ceramic Fans of different sizes, Case Fans, Super Silent power supplies, aluminium cases and other accessories such as fan converters and heat sinks.

The worldwide communication and service network provides outstanding technical support with the best Vendor-to-User service and problem-solving skills. In accordance with the company slogan: We solve your thermal problem!

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