Prophetview™ II 191 BLK
Hercules’ next-generation 19’’ LCD monitor

La Gacilly, November 19, 2003 – Following the successful launch of its Pro series 17’’ monitors, Hercules is thrilled to announce the arrival of its next-generation 19’’ LCD monitor: Prophetview™ II 191 BLK.

Slim, inspired styling

As with its predecessors, design has been a focal point in the development of this new Prophetview™ II line. Prophetview™ II 191 BLK enhances the slim and inspired styling of the Prophetview™ 720 and 920 series for a new level of refinement. True to form, Hercules has once again focused on the all-important details: with buttons backlit in Hercules’ trademark blue to match the cooling fans on its high-end 3D Prophet™ graphics boards, an attractive metal back cover embossed with the Hercules logo, an elegant metal boomerang-shaped foot and many other fine touches, Prophetview™ II 191 BLK brings style and high-tech appeal to any environment.

Clear, versatile display for all your multimedia applications

The monitor’s 19’’ SXGA 1280x1024 panel provides true 8-bit (24-bit RGB) color depth (16.77 million colors) and an ultra-wide viewing angle (horizontal 170°/vertical 170°) with a high contrast ratio (500:1) and excellent brightness (250cd/m²). Factor in the Prophetview™ II 191 BLK’s enviable 25ms response time and the monitor’s unrivalled versatility becomes clear, providing a smooth, lifelike display in all multimedia and office applications, including Internet surfing, digital photos, movies and the latest 3D games.

Analog VGA and digital DVI dual interface

Thanks to its dual input analog VGA and digital DVI interface, Prophetview™ II 191 BLK is equipped to handle any graphics board for 100% compatibility. Users can connect their current analog board or grow to a digital system for the best possible picture, smoother video performance, bolder colors and sharper text than ever before. A 100% digital image display chain results in stunningly detailed rendering in all applications. Two different PCs can even be connected to the Prophetview™ II 191 BLK at once via its DVI and VGA inputs, allowing for easy switching between one and the other.

Built with users in mind

Prophetview™ II 191 BLK has been designed with end users in mind. The monitor’s intuitive and simplified On Screen Display menu makes it easy to adjust all settings, allowing users to customize the display according to their applications. Moreover, it is 100% Plug and Play compatible: simply connect the monitor to your graphics board’s VGA or DVI output, and enjoy!

Whatever the configuration of your work space, Prophetview™ II 191 BLK will be right at home. Swiveling on its VESA-compatible arm, simply standing on your desk or mounted conveniently on the wall, Prophetview™ II 191 BLK is a true piece of display technology art.

Availability: Prophetview™ II 191 BLK will be available from November 2003.
Price: Please see your local retailer for details.

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