Taipei, Taiwan, November 10th 2003 -- Experience the wave of the future, go wireless with GIGABYTE's newest GA-8IPE1000 Pro2-W model. Complete with the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor and its renowned Hyper-Threading technology, the GA-8IPE1000 Pro2-W offers an excellent computing platform with Dual Channel DDR memory, and a full range of unique GIGABYTE features. Partnered with an IEEE 802.11b compliant and Wi-Fi compatible GN-WBZB-M USB wireless LAN card, high-speed networking can be immediately achieved with a data transfer rate of up to 11Mbps. As well, take part in an exciting new Gigabit network era with the Intel® PRO/1000 CT solution and enjoy a wireless network environment for home or small business with the additional GN-WBZB-M software access point function.

The GIGABYTE P4 Titan™ GT-Wireless edition motherboard is designed especially for the 800MHz FSB Intel® Pentium® 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology. Along with an 800MHz FSB and Hyper-Threading technology, features such as Dual Channel DDR 400 and AGP 8x make this platform the solution for both unprecedented performance and advanced gaming. As well, new innovative GIGABYTE technologies such as C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) and M.I.B. (Memory Intelligent Booster), offer users an intelligent and seamless method of accelerating both CPU computing power and memory performance with easy and reliable system response. The P4 Titan™ GT-Wireless edition motherboard also integrate an Intel® PRO series network connection for optimal network throughput and platform performance, as well as integrated Serial ATA and IEEE 1394 for high-speed data input/output performance. The 6-channel audio feature with UAJ (Universal Audio Jack) not only provides the ideal multimedia solution, but also user-friendliness in terms of audio speaker installation. With its wide range of top-of-the line technologies and features, the GIGABYTE P4 Titan is the definite platform for unprecedented computing performance and stability.

The GIGABYTE P4 Titan™ GT-Wireless series motherboard comes bundled with a wireless LAN kit. A Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b) compatible GN-WBZB-M USB wireless LAN card is included for quick and easy wireless networking. Going wireless offers the most flexibility, whereby a user can work or play on a computer anywhere inside or outside the home without concern for wires as long one stays within the wireless system’s range, which can exceed 300 feet. These wireless networks deliver speeds of 11 Mbps or more—fast enough for most common uses including high-speed Internet access and sharing multimedia files across the network. As well, wireless connectivity means freedom of communication between wireless-enabled devices such as a PC, laptop, PDA or printer in a matter of minutes. For wireless SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) connectivity, a software access point function is also included that provides greater range and security of wireless network traffic. Take part in the wireless evolution and enjoy the benefits of wireless connectivity.

GIGABYTE C.I.A. (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) is designed to detect CPU loading during software program execution, and automatically adjusts CPU computing power to maximize system performance. A CPU requires more CPU computing power during loading of high CPU resources consumption tasks, such as video and audio encoding programs or advanced 3D games. When the C.I.A. function is enabled, it detects the current CPU loading and automatically accelerates the CPU computing performance to allow a faster and smoother execution of programs. However, when the programs are terminated, the CPU is returned back to its initial status.

With GIGABTYE’s C.I.A. technology, users are able to enjoy the benefits of overclocking without the hassle of manual adjustment. The CPU Intelligent Accelerator provides reasonable and acceptable overclocking options for selection, whereby all users need to do is select the desirable overclocking level and the rest of the settings are automatically setup by the BIOS. Therefore, novice users are able to enjoy the experience of overclocking while advanced users are easily able to achieve added computing power. With the combination of C.I.A. and EasyTune™ 4, power users can enjoy the art of overclocking.

GIGABYTE M.I.B. (Memory Intelligent Booster) technology is designed especially to maximize memory performance and boost memory bandwidth up to 10% through optimization of data transmission among the CPU, north bridge chipset and memory. The innovative GIGABYTE M.I.B. technology shortens memory latency time and enhances system performance without sacrificing stability.

The north bridge chipset plays a very important role in data communication between the CPU and memory by providing a data transaction center for the two. The rate of data transfer is dependent on the number of clock cycles needed for memory data to be delivered to CPU. The fewer the required clock cycles, the faster the speed of transferred data. Therefore, by shortening the interval of each clock cycle, the system is able to transfer the same amount of data with less time to greatly increase system performance.

Several leading technologies are also implemented on this new series. The revolutionary 800MHz FSB delivers an amazing high-speed bandwidth of up to 6.4GB/s between the CPU and the MCH (Memory Controller Hub), coupled with the bandwidth of up to 6.4GB/s of the Dual Channel DDR 400 memory architecture to balance the data transfer loading between the CPU and memory. Users can also experience true multimedia entertainment with a variety of visual and audio features. AGP 8X (AGP 3.0), the new generation AGP interface delivers 2.1GB/s of bandwidth to support the graphics workload associated with an Intel Pentium 4 processor-based workstation platform. When using GIGABYTE’s R9800Pro graphics card, users can experience highly realistic and smoothly-rendered graphics. An on-board 6-channel AC’97 CODEC with S/PDIF-IN/OUT function enables users to enjoy high quality audio, while the new UAJ (Universal Audio Jack) function offers easy audio installation.

In the P4 Titan™ GT-Wireless edition, integrates a Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 interface for enhanced PC connectivity of consumer electronic A/V appliances, storage peripherals and portable devices. With the integration of an Intel® PRO/1000 CT network connection, it offers a 2X Gigabit performance through the Communication Streaming Architecture (CSA) with the Intel® 82547EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The CSA enables bi-directional Gigabit networking with higher performance and lower latency. The Intel® 82547EI Gigabit Ethernet Controller supports ASF 2.0, IPMI 1.5 and Advanced Pass Through to enhance authenticated remote management.

Well-known to many GIGABYTE motherboards, and included in the P4 Titan™ GT-Wireless edition, are several innovative features. The Miracle of Xpress3 series software includes 3 unique software features, 1) Xpress Install for easy driver installation, 2) Xpress BIOS Rescue for restoring BIOS following a BIOS crash (this feature is still under testing and is currently unavailable with the GT edition), 3) Xpress Recovery for backup or restoration of system files thru BIOS functioning.

Key Specifications

. 800MHz FSB Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology

. Intel® 865PE chipset

. Dual Channel DDR 400 memory

. AGP 8X graphics interface

. Intel® PRO/1000 CT Network Connection (GA-8IPE1000 Pro 2 only)

. Serial ATA interface

. Texas Instrument IEEE 1394 interface (Not available on GA-8IPE1000/-L)

. DualBIOS™ (Not available on GA-8IPE1000/-L)

. 8 USB 2.0 ports

. 6-Channel AC’97 audio + UAJ (Universal Audio Jack)

. 5 x PCI 2.3 compliant slots

. ATX form factor

About GIGABYTE technology

Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology has built an unshakable reputation and solid foundation in the computer industry on the reliability of its motherboards and add-on card products. In diversifying from this solid base, Gigabyte Technology is devoting its resources to expanding into new product lines, such as desktop platform solutions, servers, broadband routers, Gigabit switches, wireless LAN, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances.

With a talented and resourceful infrastructure as well as capability of design from Motherboard, VGA, Desktop Platform, to Communication and Server, Gigabyte Technology has developed a full-scale product network that not only creates the ideal platform for the world of Internet connectivity, but also results in new concepts in nearly every aspect of technology. In the coming information appliance age, Gigabyte Technology is the user’s premier choice for brightening scope of mind and enhancing the quality of life.

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