(Taipei, Taiwan — December 09, 2003) SFF Tech, a leading small form factor (SFF) enthusiast website, has posted a phenomenal review of Shuttle’s ST61G4 XPC. Paying special attention to thermal and acoustic properties, the ST61G4 XPC knocked the wind out of competing SFF machines to capture the title "coolest and quietist SFF" computer.

"The ST61G4 operates cooler than any other SFF we’ve recently tested, while also being the quietest of the lot," exclaimed Adam Traidman, SFF Tech reviewer. "This almost seems like a paradox, achieving quieter operation with lower temperatures, but somehow Shuttle has done it."

The ST61G4 XPC introduces the bleeding-edge Silent X 250 Watt PSU. At only 32Db at full load and never too hot to touch, Silent X ensures super quiet and super cool operation with headroom to handle power-hungry CPUs and top-of-the-line video cards.

“The ST61G4 performs reasonably well compared to competing SFF’s and with the 9100 IGP, dominates in on-board video performance," complimented Adam. "All this plus the new G4 series case design and SilentX PSU which have propelled the ST61G4 to being the quietest andcoolest SFF we’ve ever tested."

"Once again, hats off to Shuttle for releasing an SFF based on the new ATI RS300 chipset so quickly," praised Adam. "For those who are looking to take the ATI plunge, or are just looking for a quiet, cool SFF, you won’t be disappointed by the ST61G4."

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