VICTORIA, BC, CANADA -- Touted as one of the most innovative PC enclosures to hit the consumer market this year, The Upgrade Path Inc.'s new ClearPC® Briefcase is set to alter our concept of portable computers. What is the ClearPC® Briefcase? Answer: An all-clear acrylic computer case modeled after James Bond's attaché, or so Franjo Goluza, manufacture of ClearPC® ( ) computer cases and owner of The Upgrade Path Inc. would have you believe.

"This thing is James. It's portable, low-profile and James-Bondian in its styling: the modding possibilities are endless. Even LCD displays take on a completely new meaning in this case."

The ClearPC® Briefcase is the first commercially produced computer enclosure of its kind. That's not surprising from a company that is consistently at the forefront in enclosure design, producing unique PC cases and modified acrylic products.

Franjo says, "Primarily, I wanted a case I could take to a LAN gaming event that was portable, small and cool looking, but modeled on the Full-ATX specification. Only benchmark-mark breaking main boards, FPS smashing video cards, coupled with gigawads of DDR and a high end Full-ATX power supply is going to get you the big numbers and you can have it all in a really tight portable package."

ClearPC® Briefcase is an excuse to have fun. It's meant for gaming. What's different about this case from all of the others ClearPC® produces? Well, it has the smallest footprint than any other Full-ATX computer enclosure ClearPC® makes, measuring just 61/4W x 14 1/4H x 18 1/2"L. It features Full-ATX and Micro-ATX motherboard compatibility, but has a Full-ATX power supply opening, 2 CDROMs, 2 hard drives and no floppy drive opening. A nice touch: the attention to detail is superb right down to the low profile 3/8" thick clear handle spanning the top of the case.

Main Features: Full-ATX power, 120mm side cooling fan, CPU Venting, contoured 3/8" thick heavy duty handle, 2 x CDROM, 2 x HDD, small, portable footprint, fully-rounded thermoformed cast body utilizing only 2 thumbscrews in its structure, very clean, first acrylic gaming briefcase in the world, compatible for Quiet PC.

The insertion of a mainboard is seamless utilizing a set of 9 standoffs. Securing the main board is as simple as fastening down 6-9 of the provided machine screws.

The Briefcase is the start of a string of new enclosures and select acrylic satellite products from ClearPC® which will be offered exclusively via the company's web site.

ClearPC® Briefcase is $139 USD. Worldwide shipping is available.

As Franjo says, "Briefcase is a long time coming: I made one out of metal a few years back and naturally, I wanted something in clear acrylic. The enthusiasts, my friends included, are excited. ClearPC® Briefcase is a departure from the norm. That is what I want to offer my customers in the future: they don't want what everyone else has got. All of our up and coming enclosures will reflect that idea."

ClearPC® Briefcase is certainly going to turn some heads this year, but worldwide availability for this one of a kind enclosure might be tight. Get one while you can.