Taipei, Taiwan January 5th, 2004- Gigabyte Technology introduces its wireless VPN router, the GN-BR404W for small businesses. The router not only enables Internet connection sharing in the small office environment but provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) function to allow remote or traveling users the ability to quickly and securely connect to the office network.

Essential Networking Functions in a Single Box
Gigabyte’s Wireless VPN Broadband Router is the advanced, complete networking solution for your small business, incorporating all the essential networking functions in one powerful box. The GN-BR404W includes a wireless 802.11g compliant access point (AP), which lets users connect wireless 802.11g devices to the network while the router function lets your whole network share a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection. And finally, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) function allows remote or traveling users to securely connect to your office or home network via the Internet, or users in branch offices to connect to a corporate network.

Stay Secure and Mobile with VPN
With the Virtual Public Network (VPN) function, the GN-BR404W permits remote or traveling users with a VPN endpoint to securely access the office or home network over the Internet. For those that are meeting clients or are working from home, they can immediately link to their company network and obtain relevant business data. The data packages along with all traffic are encrypted, with both ends of the traffic requiring authorization of one another. Thus, VPN is a secure and ideal feature for businesses with mobile employees or employees that work from home.

Advanced Security and Features
To protect your data and privacy, the GN-BR404W can encrypt all wireless transmissions with 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, and also supports the robust wireless security of 802.1x authentication and authorization. As well, the device has a powerful firewall to protect against intruders and most known Internet attacks and the router can be configured to filter Internet access for internal users.

The GN-BR404W also includes innovative setup features that remove the hassle of router installation and configuration. With Gigabyte’s unique Smart Setup II feature, router configurations are automatically performed- all the user is required to do is to open up the web browser and key in the user name and password and the rest is done. With such a complete range of features, users can entrust that the GN-BR404W offers the utmost in network security.

Extra Features
The GN-BR404W also includes a unique feature aimed at broadening the network range through point to point connections between AP’s. This feature, called the Extended Distribution Wireless System (EDWS), expands on the Wireless Distribution System (WDS). The GN-BR404W can be converted from 802.11g to 802.11a compliance with the addition of Gigabyte’s GN-WLMA101 wireless LAN card for greater wireless flexibility. With such robust features, the Gigabyte VPN router truly gives you the flexibility, speed, and security you need for your office network.

About GIGABYTE Technology
Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology has built an unshakable reputation and solid foundation in the computer industry on the reliability of its motherboards and add-on card products. In diversifying from this solid base, Gigabyte Technology is devoting its resources to expanding into new product lines, such as desktop platform solutions, servers, broadband routers, Gigabit switches, wireless LAN, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances.

With a talented and resourceful infrastructure along with design innovation that ranges from Motherboard, VGA, Desktop Platform, to Communication and Server, Gigabyte Technology has developed a full-scale product network that not only creates the ideal platform for the world of Internet connectivity, but also results in new concepts in nearly every aspect of technology. In the coming information appliance age, Gigabyte Technology is the user’s premier choice to broaden scope of mind and enrich the quality of living.

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