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Thread: SLI : here to stay?

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    You'll probably want to hold off 'till a few months into '05. Intel will introduce a dual core CPU with AMD to follow. The current 925XE chipset will support the dual core CPU.

    Also, Gigabyte(I think) already has a dual chip 6600 GT on a single card for MUCH cheaper than an SLI dual card setup. I think this may be the future for SLI as one PCIe X16 slot provides plenty of bandwith for two GPUs on one card not to mention the extra cost of an SLI motherboard.

    Right before 3dfx went under, they were set to produce a Voodoo 4 6000(not sure)??? Which had 4 gpus in SLI(different technology, but gave similar results)

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    I'm also really curious about the benifits of sli. I'm trying to piece together a computer which will be used for Maya, 3dsmax, also as an nle, and sound editor. I am looking to build around the socket 939 winchester, and am looking at motherboard graphic card combo's. The benifits of sli, are a bit ambiguous, however. Especially for nongaming use.

    This article for instance starts off with a positive spin for sli, and then comes to sort of muddled conclusion.

    Does anyone know benifits of sli for workstation like applications?

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    Depends on the application. It's going to help for any 3D rendering, but it's not that beneficial unless you want to use two 6800GT/Ultras, because dual-6600GTs don't really provide more performance or less cost than a 6800GT.

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