AOpen Inc., a multinational electronic components partner for the international info tech (IT) enterprises and consumers, will present the world’s first ATX Pentium M motherboard -- i915Ga-HFS -- at Computex

Taipei, May 31 – June 4, 2005. The motherboard integrates Socket 479 Pentium M (Dothan) CPU, Intel’s 915G desktop chipset, and ICH6 I/O controller to become the world’s first hybrid model with combined features of powerful chipset performance and energy-saving CPU, which generates less heat and noise than desktop CPUs.
The 915G chipset and ICH6 enable Pentium M to maximize its performance to its extreme while generating less heat and noise and consuming less power.

The first ATX Pentium M motherboard

It is the first ATX Pentium M motherboard ever developed in the world, according to Edward Chen, channel manager of the company. Pentium M processors were originally designed by Intel to drive notebook PCs, AOpen made an innovative and bold move by driving a motherboard with a notebook processor.

Pentium M processors are more power efficient and generate less heat and noise, making it suitable to be installed in notebook PCs. AOpen’s design of a Pentium M on a motherboard is to take advantage of these features. This is an innovative product development concept.

Home AV Center

In an attempt to offer powerful high definition audio and video functions, the motherboard is built with Intel’s 915G chipset. AOpen’s engineers make the most out of the chipset’s functionality by developing a thoughtful I/O shield (photo attached) on the rear panel.

The neatly designed I/O shield combines the 7.1-channel audio jack, DVI connector, the D-sub port for CRT video monitor, S-Video connector, the YPbPr port, PCI-e Gigabit LAN connector, and four USB 2.0 ports. The S-Video connector and the YPbPr port enable a user to connect the motherboard to HDTV.

According to AOpen engineers, i915Ga-HFS main board takes advantage of the latest technology by Intel that allows the board to support dual channel DDR-II memory modules of 533/400 MHz.

The system is designed to support four Serial ATA devices (hard drives) and two Ultra DMA 100/66/33 devices.

Summary of features

  • A summary of the motherboard’s features:
  • Fastest Pentium M motherboard
  • High Definition video/audio quality
  • Fast transfer speed of storage devices such as hard drives
  • Highest network transfer speed
  • High performance graphics for games and on-board VGA (Intel GMA900)
  • Easy consumer electronic product connection
  • Silent system of less than 25dB
  • Flexible expansion PCI-e x 16/ PCI-e/ PCI
  • BIOS SpeedStep support
  • Intel Celeron M support
  • Dual monitor function support
  • Two 1394 ports
  • Windows XP ready
AOpen executives stress that they expect international buyers coming to Taipei to visit the computer show in late May and early June will have the chance of examining the new product at “AOpen Mall”, booth F285, Hall II, at the Taipei World Trade Center.

AOpen also displays its products at the United Hotel [Tel: 2773-1515], located at No. 200, Guangfu South Road, Taipei 106, near the world trade center from May 31 to June 4.

About AOpen
AOpen, as an affiliated member of the Wistron and Acer Group, ranks as one of the top computer solutions and components suppliers in the world, offering micro barebone systems, notebook PCs, PC motherboards, VGA/multimedia cards, keyboards, mice, optical storage devices, monitors, and a full range of computer components. With strong R&D and manufacturing experience, AOpen is aggressively expanding its market worldwide, offering local services, and providing 3C parts and components solutions for small, medium, and large businesses.