GIGABYTE Launches New Motherboards Together with Intel®

May 21,2002 --- Taipei, Taiwan--- Gigabyte Technology, a leading manufacturer of Motherboard, Graphics Card, Bare-bone, System, Peripherals, Server and Communication products, today announced the release of the Intel® latest developed 850E, 845E/G/GL chipset series motherboards. The event was held at AZTEC game zone center, with the attendance of Intel Taiwan region technical support manager Edward Chang.

According to Richard Ma, Vice President of Gigabyte Technology,” It is an exciting moment for the official announcement of the launching for our new P4 Titan series motherboards; at the very same moment as Intel® launches their new series of 850E, 845E/G/GL chipset series. Through Intel® fully direct technical support we have successfully breakthrough the bottleneck of 533MHz FSB, providing a higher bandwidth between the CPU and the platform. Thus, providing a higher system performance and stability in which matches our Titan strategy—Power and Intelligence”

4 different representing models were demonstrated in this announcement event, for Intel® 850E chipset the GA-8IHXP platform was introduced which is targeted for the high-end performance platform. It is the world first motherboard that uses ICH4 technology for it’s south bridge. ICH4 the latest technology developed by Intel®, not only initially supports 6 USB 2.0 ports but also greatly increased the data transfer rate between the platform and surrounding I/O peripherals. Besides using ICH4, GA-8IHXP is also the world first motherboard that supports PC1066 RDRAM; that totally upgrades the system performance to satisfy the demand of high-end platform.

GA-8IEXP based on Intel® 845E chipset, specially designed for delivering high system performance and stability to the mainstream consumer segment. In this model several future leading technology were implemented such as, RAID + ATA 133, an exclusive breakthrough from GIGABYTE R&D group. Providing not only a RAID 0,1 function but also Ultra ATA 133 interface for IDE devices such as HDD, CD-ROM, CD/RW, DVD-ROM ..etc. IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire) interface aimed for the future upcoming of the popularity consumer electronics such as DV camcorder was also implemented in this model.

GA-8IGX based on Intel® 845G chipset, with Intel Extreme Graphics Engine delivers a seamless integrated graphics solution and high system performance for mainstream platform. GA-8IGX is the only motherboard announced worldwide that had been verified the support of DDR 333 memory, delivering a higher 3D graphics quality through a higher speed memory module.

GA-8ILML4 using Intel® 845GL chipset supporting only 400MHz FSB and it is targeted for the transactional segments and System Integrators. With the integration of Intel® Extreme Graphics Engines and 6 USB 2.0 plus integrated high quality audio and Internet connection, it is the ideal model for value minded users or system builders.

About Gigabyte Technology
Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology has built an unshakable reputation and solid foundation in the computer industry on the reliability of its motherboards and add-on card products. In diversifying from this solid base, Gigabyte Technology is devoting their profuse resources to expanding into new product lines, such as desktop platform solutions, servers, broadband routers, Gigabit switches, wireless LAN, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances.

With a talented, resourceful infrastructure and design capability, from Motherboard, VGA, Desktop Platform, to Communication and Server, Gigabyte Technology has developed a full-scale product network, not only creating the ideal platform for the world of Internet connectivity but also resulting in new concepts in most all aspects of our lives. In the coming information appliance age, Gigabyte Technology is users’ premier companion to brighten people’s mind-scope and future life.

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