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Wireless Total solution from Gigabyte

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Imagine a world without wires. A world where devices work together without physical connections. A word where you can get internet access without muddle cable around.

Gigabyte Technology Co., LTD, the worldwide motherboard leader announces the full Internet wireless access solutions for Small/Home Office. The wireless solution includes Bluetooth dongle - GN-BTD01, wireless PCMCIA card - GN-WLM01 and Wireless Broadband Router - GN-BR402W which provides whole serial wireless products to realize your imagination.

GN-BTD01 based on the bluetooth technology, which used for point to Multi-Point Wireless transmission without physical blocking or angles limitations. Equipped with 2.45 GHz high frequency transmission, 1 Mbps speed and over 100 Meter coverage becomes easier than ever. With GN-BTD, it’s easy to connect to other bluetooth devices such as Cell phone, PDA….to become a new network - PNA(Personal Area Network).

The Gigabyte WLM01 wireless card delivers easy to use Wireless connectivity at high speed, which based on IEEE 802.11b standard. It offers effortless extension on existing wired LANs, adds a new level of convenience for users and improves their productivity by extending network access beyond the desktop. With GN-WLM01 SOHO, corporate offices and any other environment where a wired LAN is next to impossible to implement.

GN-BR402W Wireless Broadband Router, next generation of GN-BR401, which provides a 4-port Switch, one printer port, one COM port, and one USB port as the 5th LAN port. Based on IEEE 802.11b standard, GN-BR402W share high-speed DSL/Cable Internet access over Wireless LAN as well as print server function. For security, GN-BR402W provides 128 bit Encryption for wireless connection and firewall for internet access. In addition, GN-BR402W provides DHCP, PPPoE, static address support, and other advanced functions as well.

With Gigabyte Wireless solution, wireline is no longer a boundary. You are free to access internet anytime, anywhere.