Gigabyte at Taipei Computex 2002

G-MAXTM – Not Just A Pretty Face ---Pretty Inside & Out

Gigabyte Inc, Taipei 01 June. 2002 – With the universal spread of high technology and the Internet, the PC has become an indispensable companion for modern people. But as PCs have become more and more powerful and versatile, consumers have gradually come to have more complex needs for PC functionality. Today, GIGABYTE stated to pay more efforts to create her own desktop barebones products, G-MAXTM is born under such kind of concept.

G-MAXTM desktop platform solution offers the ATX XA, MicroATX MA and FlexATX FA. Series. All of them support different CPU include Intel and AMD. Particularly the G-MAXTM *DP and RP module series adopts the 3.5” design of the MLDV module comprises of PCMCIA, 1394 and Optical out (S/PDIF) interfaces to enable users transfer of all kinds of multimedia data, including DV and digital camera image, MP3 music and PDA data Besides, G-MAXTM plus series equip USB 2.0 interface provide higher bandwidth to support any kind of peripherals devices, far example CD/DVD-RW, DSC, HD and Scaner.

Together with suitable multimedia editors, G-MAXTM would be your prefect multimedia PC. Additionally, equipped suitable power supply provides an unfailing electric power for the system; even if all CD, disk drive, and PCI slots are connected, the system can always operate easily without any risk of system failure. Equipped with the optical drive as standard equipment, it definitely can perfect match meet the multimedia player’s needs with a reasonable price and perfect performance.

Full line-up of GIGABYTE G-MAXTM series desktop solutions adopts PFC ( Power Factor Corrector) power supply. Environmental protection is not only a slogan, Gigabyte allocated it in the most advantage PC technology. We bridge you to the multi-media era and multi-angle business. Our free thinking, practical ability and close relationships with leading suppliers in various PC components and peripherals allow us to tailor our platform solutions to maximize the value of your PC systems. If you are looking for an easier solution to make your PC business more competitive, GIGBYTE Platform Solutions can help you spend ahead and bring your vision of tomorrow happen today.