TAIPEI, TAIWAN, May 23, 2002 ¨C ALi Corporation, formerly Acer Laboratories Inc., one of the global leading integrated circuit solutions providers, today pronounces the establishment of a new corporate identity and English name in commemoration of its 15 years history. ALi will, from this day forward, promote all product lines and advocate business images distinct from the previous Acer brand while adopting into this new corporate identity.

ALi¡¯s new logo is defined simply by the characters A-L-i. The green shaded logo symbolizes a flexible, amiable and vibrant ALi. The objective is to reinforce ALi¡¯s renowned reputation for quality and innovative design across the PC market place, at the same time commences ALi¡¯s strategy to converge the dominantly computing age into the world of digital fantasies, also known as the world of 3C integration.

While major changes have been introduced to establish a new corporate image, the commitment to deliver reputable and innovative IC solutions across the global PC, peripheral and multimedia arena remains to be ALi¡¯s sole business objective. Thus, no amendment has been made to ALi¡¯s corporate Chinese name.

¡°ALi¡¯s new corporate identity and English name signify years of proven commitment and contributions made in the history of IT technology,¡± said Dr. Chin Wu, President of ALi, ¡°Endowed with distinguished R&D capability and the strength of a family like team pursuing towards the sole philosophy ¡®Bringing Technology to Life¡¯, ALi assures a continual effort towards bringing pioneering products while providing supreme customer support. ¡±.

About ALi
ALi Corporation, (formerly Acer Laboratories Inc.) the world¡¯s leading supplier of integrated circuits for PC¡¢peripherals and multimedia arena. Its product offerings include core logic chipsets¡¢DVD products and imaging peripherals. ALi is well positioned to deliver comprehensive solutions for this world of 3C integration. Information about ALi is available on the web: