Los Angeles, E3 Expo (May 22-24, 2002) Booth #6021 - Following extensive
development by Thrustmaster's R&D team, Thrustmaster is proud to introduce
the new reference in flight sticks, the HOTAS(tm) Cougar.
"This product is offering everything the flight sim fan could expect from a
flight stick," says Product Development Manager, Guillaume Lelevé. "We
consulted the gaming community at every stage of development to bring them
the most complete and advanced flight stick to date and our close
collaboration with the U.S. Air Force guarantees extreme realism."

HOTAS Cougar
The HOTAS Cougar is a two-controller device - it includes a special
ergonomic stick and a unique throttle controller named TQS. The stick and
the TQS have 28 buttons and multiple hat switches, all programmable and
offering thousands of unique functions. The stick's handle is actually
removable, creating a multitude of options for future upgrades. The system
is using a full speed USB plug that delivers response rates eight times
faster than normal USB plugs and comes with easy connections for the stick,
throttle, and compatible analog rudders. The HOTAS Cougar has been approved
by the U.S. Air Force for pilot training that proves the all time high in
realism for flight stick and is in continuity with the Thrustmaster legend.

The HOTAS Cougar includes a metal die-cast base, handle, buttons, and
gimbals offering durability that can last throughout any gaming experience
and is an F-16 fighter controller replica. The state-of-the-art HOTAS Cougar
system is now fully HID compliant and completely user-friendly. This
plug-and-play controller uses a powerful Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000 and XP
compatible interface developed by Thrustmaster and Dr. James Hallows. This
interface is an essential tool to take full advantage of all the buttons,
POV and 7 axes available on the HOTAS Cougar. Entirely programmable, the new
functions, such as advanced axis, real-time curve, mapping, inversion and
axis swapping, allow the user to fully take advantage of the games and
simulations on the market. The HOTAS Cougar is also the first flash
upgradeable controller that assures long-term compatibility.

The HOTAS Cougar is available for $299.99 (USD).
For more information, please feel free to visit the website at
http://www.thrustmaster.com <http://www.thrustmaster.com/>