Taipei, Taiwan, 30 May 2002 - Albatron Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of Motherboard, Graphics accelerator adapters, and Large Screen Display, today announced the launch of the nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400 based graphics accelerator Ti4400.
GeForce4 Ti4400’s graphics engine can deliver up to 4.4 billion samples per second fill rate and 8.6 GB/sec effective memory bandwidth. The new GeForce4 Ti4400 features the 256-bit core technology, 300MHz core clock speed, and 600MHz memory speed and 128MB DDR memory. Featured the new nVIDIA® nView™Technology, Accuview Antialiasing,and second generation nfiniteFX II Engine, the GeForce4 Ti4400 sets a new benchmark for mainstream graphics performance, it is ideal for user who demands high-performance 3D GPU. If blazing 3D computer gaming or high performance computer graphics is the requirement, you must have this leading-edge graphics accelerator, the new Ti4400 from Albatron.
Advanced Technology inside the nVIDIA GeForce4™ Ti4400 GPU:
nVIDIA nView™
Display technology provides the ultimate display flexibility and user-friendly control.

nfiniteFX II Engine
Incorporates dual programmable Vertex Shaders, faster Pixel Shaders and 3D textures

nVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing™
Delivers unbeatable visual quality and frame rate.
Following are some of the main features of the powerful Ti4400:
Fast DDR Memory: provide extraordinary 3D performance than ever.
Full-function VT Output: with Video-input and TV-out functions, you can enjoy playing PC games on your TV, watching DVD movies.
DVI Output: Ready for next generation Digital output LCD monitor.

On top of its superior quality, top-notch performance and lighting-fast speed, Albatron™'s Ti4400 graphics accelerator also includes the best software bundle, adding more features to the already perfect card.
The software bundle includes:

Albatron™ DVD: Albatron provides this unique and customized DVD playback software, ensuring easy DVD application as well as allowing the users to enjoy DVD movie playbacks.

Supreme Valuable Bundling Game Pack
Serious Sam (Full Retail Version): Top action game (
Motocross (Full Retail Version): Top driving game (